The school was set up by chance back in 2000. Sifu Ken Lau has just moved from Hong Kong to Singapore, He was looking for a school / fellow Wing Chun partner to continue his Wing Chun training & practice! Trying to locate a teacher or school at that time was impossible, as there were no teachers or school teaching Wing Chun publicly in Singapore!

Taking the recommendation of his Sifu Grandmaster Ip Chun; teach a couple of students Chi Sau (sticky hands) and you have a training partner! Thoughts become actions, made a simple poster "free private Wing Chun lessons" and uploaded to Yahoo! GeoCities and was surprise to received actual response, two students came....fast forward, now we have been teaching Wing Chun in Singapore for twenty years now and thousands of students have come through our doors!

Looking back at the times when we started promoting Wing Chun Kung Fu in early 2000, no one has ever heard of Wing Chun outside the martial art communities, but thanks to Donnie Yan's Ip Man movies in 2008 even housewives and school kids now know who is "I P Man"!

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Our vision is to empower our students to acquire proper martial arts ethics and conduct, inspiring each other to be the best we can be. Developing character and leadership through Martial Arts!

Practice the core values of our martial arts cultural heritage; Discipline, Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity, Perseverance, Kindness, Humility, Compassion & Tolerance!

Martial Arts for Life!

It's our goal and mission to make Wing Chun No.1 choice for health, recreation and practical street self-defense. Our goal is to help you achieve all your health & wellness objectives whilst learning practical Chinese martial arts.

Our Mission

Make Wing Chun the go-to martial arts system for health & practical self-defence.

Our Plan

Preserve & propagate traditional Chinese martial arts heritage, its culture & core value. Impart proper martial arts ethics & conducts.

Our Vision

Foster harmony in oneself through martial arts and develop mental, physical and spiritual growth.

Sifu Ken Lau's Profile

Sifu Ken Lau is one of the very few certified Wing Chun instructors here in Singapore, teaching both the Hong Kong Ip Man (葉準詠春) and the China Cho Ga (Cao Family) Wing Chun system (曹家班中詠春).

sifu Ken Lau
sifu Ken Lau
  • Grandmaster Ip Chun's Sole Certified Representative in Singapore.
  • Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association Certified Instructor.
  • Singapore MACU Registered Instructor.
  • Singapore PA Registered Trainer.
  • Singapore NROC & MOE Registered Coach.
  • BaHad ZuBu (FMA) Instructor.

sifu Ken Lau's Teachers & Lineage

Sifu Ken Lau has been practicing martial arts scene since young, and has been very fortunate over the years, to have received teaching under the personal guidance & tutelage from many renowned masters!

  • Grandmaster Ip Chun (葉準師父) - Elder son of Ip Man (葉問宗師) (HK).
  • Ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje - Formerly known as Sifu Peter Young (UK).
  • Sifu Ku Choi Wah (古財華師父) - Cho Ga Wing Chun System (MY).
  • Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe (UK).
  • GM Yuli "Romo" - BaHad ZuBu FMA (Philippines).
  • Sifu Guo Shilei (郭石磊師父) (China).