Singapore-based Wing Chun Kung Fu school

School was established back in 2000 by Sifu Ken Lau, he is registered martial arts instructor here in Singapore; one of the pioneered who made Wing Chun Kung Fu accessible to the martial arts enthusiast and the public before it was popularize by the IP MAN movies.

Started with the most humble beginnings, teaching at HDB void decks and in public parks with a handful of students. Through hard work and dedication today student numbers are in the hundreds; making Wing Chun a popular choice for health, recreation and self-defense.

We conduct weekly classes for adults & children, all classes are personally taught by Sifu Ken Lau held at various private and public organizations, including local Community Clubs, Civil Service Club, Polytechnics, etc.

Mission & Values:-

Sifu Ken Lau



Sifu Ken Lau is one of the very few certified Wing Chun instructors here in Singapore teaching both the Hong Kong (Y)Ip Man (葉準詠春) and the China Cao Family (Cho Ga) Wing Chun system(曹家班中詠春).

Sifu Ken Lau is:-

  • Master Ip Chun's Certified Representative in Singapore
  • Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association Certified Instructor
  • Singapore MACU Registered Instructor
  • Singapore PA Registered Trainer

Sifu Ken Lau is also Yuli Romo BaHad ZuBu (FMA) qualified instructor

Teachers & Lineage

Sifu Ken Lau has been "kicking around" the martial arts scene since young

He spend considerable time studying the Hong Kong (Y)Ip Man Wing Chun System; and to broaden his martial arts knowledge he also learn the the Cao family style Wing Chun, traditional Chinese internal arts and Filipino fighting arts. Over the years, he has been very fortunate to have received teaching under the personal guidance from many renowned masters and till this day learning never stops for him:-

  • Grandmaster (Y)Ip Chun - elder son of (Y)Ip Man (HK)
  • Ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje - Formerly known as Sifu Peter Young (UK)
  • Sifu Ku Choi Wah - Cho Ga Wing Chun System (SG)
  • Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe (UK)
  • GM Yuli "Romo"(Philippines)
  • Sifu Guo Shilei 郭石磊(China)