You have question about our classes find it here 1st

Here is where we try to address common concerns, questions most of you may have. Any specific question that are not found here you can email us!

We do not offer "free trial class" to hard sell you expensive gym packages, or collect expensive membership fees! If you are serious about learning Wing Chun with us, just sign up and turn up for class.

Not sure if Wing Chun is right for You? Drop by at any one of our classes and we will be more than happy to talk to you in person & answer any question you may have! And you are always welcome to sit-in and observed one of our class in session.

Our classes are on-going, there is no specific enrollment or intake date as such, you can join us any time!

And because fees are collected on monthly basis and will NOT be prorated, as such its best to join us on 1st week of each calender month so that you don't pay for lesson you didn't attend!

Go to the front office or cashier counter at the training venue; register and make payment there in person.

The only fees that you pay is the monthly school fees. Apart from that there is no membership, association, grading , license or any other hidden costs. After the initial training of 3 months, students shall be require to purchase a club t-shirt for class at S$30

There is no make up class if you fail to turn up for class, or partial refund for the class that you missed.

For people who travel out of Singapore, work of family commitment etc. can opt to pay per session basis at $30 each.

For new students, you can wear any sports or gym clothing for class, and for regular student club tee shirt is mandatory!

Proper sports shoes with flat sole is recommended as we do not train barefooted. And don't forget to bring a towel and a bottle of drinking water!

We have Wing Chun Wooden Dummy available for you to practice in class.

You need to buy your own personal safety equipments such as chest protector, head guard, gum guard, shin guard, groin guard, etc.

As your training progress, you will also need to invest in your own Wing Chun Butterfly Knives and Long Pole for your own private training.

If you just want to pick up Wing Chun for fun, exercise, health or self-defense, then age is not so critical, you can be as young as 6 or as old as 60 to take part in Wing Chun.

On the other hand if you intend to be involved in competitions, then you should start in your early teens, as most professional fighters retire in their early 30's!

All experts were once beginners! We have a structured teaching syllabus in place, every thing you need to know will be taught to you as you progress.

Size DOES matter in all physical sports! if using strength against strength; the person with a smaller body frame will have disadvantages.

However since Wing Chun principles advocate using deflection or diversion of the on-coming force for defense rather than go against it, borrowing momentum, using leverage, even a person with a small stature, with the necessary skills, can have a chance to be equal!

This is why Wing Chun is well-known as "gentleman's martial arts" particularly suitable for person with small stature, also effective self-defense arts for ladies!

If you don't already know the Wing Chun system is actually named after a lady; founded by a woman!

"Common sense" is the best self defense system you have and require no training or conditioning; not putting oneself in the dire state is best self defense solution.

If you don't pissed off every guy you meet then you don't need to fight every other guys in street or club! Use your head not your fist!

Having said that Wing Chun is most definitely very capable martial arts system for combat & self defense; it is concept base meaning no need to memorize individual techniques; just the principle, enable you to adapt & change according to the situation.

Its low maintenance; ie no need to do excessive amount condition, stretching, punching wall bag or required extreme flexibility or being physically fit.

As all Wing Chun strikes go for "soft target" like eyes, throat, ears, small joints, pressure points etc. which require only nominal strength to cause irreversible damage, and of course you don't need to be able to do a full split in order to stomp on someone's foot, knee the groin, etc to get you out of trouble should the situation arise!

Apart from being able to defend one-self, as a form of exercise, learning Wing Chun with us can help you improve your general health.

Our calisthenics exercise will also help you increase joint mobility, built core strength, maintain body fitness and flexibility through classical Qigong movements.

Similar to other martial arts, practicing Wing Chun will also boost the self-confidence of the individual, instill discipline, improve the physical and mental well-being, and bring about a more balanced and relaxed state of mind.

Wing Chun is a relatively simple system to learn and has a fast learning curve, if you want a context of time frame; 2 to 3 years you should able to go through the entire system; namely the 3 empty hand Forms, Chi Sau, Wooden Dummy, Knives and the Long Pole.

Learning the Forms and remembering the sequence of movement is just the beginning and that is the easy part, the difficult part is the discipline and time commitment; to be good at what you do, you have to put in the thousands of hours of practice, years of sweat and tears, perfecting the same movement over and over again, day after day!

The Chinese saying… 3 minutes on stage, 10 years hard work off the stage!

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times.

Bruce Lee

Short answer YES! Providing that you train with the same intensity and purpose.

Martial Arts are like cars, Formula One race cars are suitable for the race track, 4 wheeled drives are suited for off road trails and multi-purpose vehicles are good for family run around etc.

All martial arts were designed for a purpose and have evolved so as to be best suited for that purpose - namely entertainment, combat and exercise(health).

Similarly, there are no better or worst martial arts system as they had originally arisen due to a specific context and environment.

How good the martial art system will be, is all be dependent on the individual and the amount of effort he/she makes in learning and practicing the art.

In short, there are no good or bad martial arts system, only good or bad martial artists; Its not the car but the driver.

In a fight its your skill and experience against your opponent and not style or system!

We don't use belts to reflect rank in our school, traditional Chinese martial arts do not operate on a grading or belt system.

Many modern school adapted the belt system from the Japanese system for ranking level of competency according to skill and knowledge of the art.

We agreed the belt system give quick indication of one's proficiency, on the other hand we feel that, ability should be demonstrate (in the street) and not wear around the waist!

Certificates on walls, trophies display in cabinet or colour belt around the hip are meaningless when one can not applied real skills for real!