Wing Chun for Children

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Why You Should Let Your Kids join our Wing Chun Class for Children?

In Singapore where academic achievement in children is paramount over any things else they do, it can be difficult for parent to understand the importance of “play” in kid's life.

Sports and outdoor play are necessary in helping your child gain social skills and teamwork. Every sports has rules, and learning to observed them helps your child to understand the need for discipline.

Repetitive training, respect for the instructors, coaches, referees and team member, or even simply turning up for training as schedule are important in building your child's discipline; Learning discipline and perseverance goes a long way in benefiting your child's academic success.

Character value such as fairness, teamwork, equality, discipline, involvement, perseverance, respects as well as maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle are universal to all sports and martial arts.

Other benefit of taking part in physical activities forces children away from the digital world, active children are also emotionally healthier and less likely to be effected by external stress factors.

So why not give your child a break from enrichment centre and doing something physical and non-academic; take part in our Wing Chun classes for children?

Our programme is specifically tailored to be non-aggressive for children 6 to 12 years old; cultivate patience and self-control; developed self-confidence; learn combat skills through fun-fill activities and games, learn to defend themselves safely against school bullies should the need arise.


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